“cover yourself with the veronicas’ naked bodies.” “wouldn’t be the first time.”

Part I

I’m doing this party next week. You all have to come. It’s starting next week.


Yeah, My friend who is advertising manager for the Brag, he’s just going, “I’m going to send you a quick question and answer, profile about your party, just do it ASAP.” And I go, “Oh, yeah sure.” And now he’s like, “Aha too late bro.” Damn, you have to be snappy at the game.

Damn… Yeah I remember seeing the facebook invite for that.

All the posters are going up today. We’ve got heaps of posters at [friend]’s house, so… I should go get them right now actually but I can’t be bothered.

Are you going to be wheatpasting them in the street?

Someone else is doing it, yeah. They’re going in Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction and Newtown and Surry Hills.

Is it going to be every week?

Mmhm. And then we’ll do just little posters for places like Kawa, when they put them in the bathroom and stuff like that.


It’s going to be so much fun. They’ve just got so much money, this club. And like, I’m not paying anything, they just asked me to do it and I was like, “Yeah ok…” And so I’m not investing any money.

What is it you’re actually doing for it?

Well I’m just running it, so I’m booking the DJ, the concept, organising the posters, organising promoters, organising, you know, all that crap that they make you do.

Are they paying you?

Yeah. Oh, and advertising. But there’s just so much money. Like they’re already asking, “Ok, so what else should we do?”


You get a free wet pussy on arrival.

Oh, nice. I love when that happens as soon as I arrive.

And then they’re ordering these special balloons that are filled with laughing gas. Which is apparently kind of illegal…

And so what, are you going to inhale from the balloons or are they going to pop them so everyone’s covered in a smog?

I don’t know… Put it through the air conditioning vents maybe.
Ah! I forgot to put perfume on!

Oh no! What perfume do you wear?

Um… I have a nice Dolce and Gabbana one from that new unisex series. Like, it’s not all unisex but there’s a lot… And then there’s Polo Blue… Something else… You’re rolling [cigarettes]?

Yeah, it’s cheaper. So much cheaper.

How’s London going?

Oh, I’m not working at Abercrombie any more… Yeah, they called me and were like, “We’ve got some bad news…” hahaha. Not really.

Is there that naked boy who stands out the front still?

Maybe you should do that.

Ohhh yeah. My friend’s actually had sex with one of them. Like, a guy. He was gay.

I didn’t think they were allowed to be gay…

Yeah everything’s about, sort of, heterosexual consumption.


Do you have a lighter?

No… Oh you’ve got those nice ones. Licorice flavour.
Sorry, I feel really bad about before. I was so unenthusiastic to see you. I just felt so sick, and my phone was on silent, and I had a sleep over with [friend] and [friend].

Oh, how are they?

Both are well.
Ooh I want to put my posters up there. I really like that spot.

Well Linkwood’s tonight, so you could totally post over it and no one would care.

Yeah… Mmm, I really feel like having a big salad at Kawa but I’ve spent so much money lately, I’m really poor.

What salad would you get? If you could get anything.

There’s this really nice one there. It has chicken balls in it. And then they’ve got this nice dressing and kalamata olives…

Chicken balls? You make that sound really good.

Oh it’s nice to be out of the house. It’s good. It is GOOD.

The sun is really hot…

Is fresh air making you feel better?

Yeah. And whatever that pill was… I’ve been really sick the last two weeks actually. As soon as I get over it something else happens.

[large section is inaudible due to traffic.]

I hate the plane relationship. As soon as you start a conversation with someone you’re committed to this whole in flight relationship.

I know, that’s why I put in my headphones!

Yeah, I never talk to them.

[children walk by going crazy over something]

Who were they getting excited about?

Me. Obviously. Me.

Are you coming to watch shows?

Um, yeah, I’ll come to all of them. Shooting backstage probably. But I’m just going to try and do it for Pedestrian this time. Rather than stupid sponsorship stuff.
Oh score!

What did you score?

Twenty cents.

Part II

So you’re proud of your rolled cigarette?

[very clearly, leaning over to recorder] Yes.

How do you feel about what you do?

I feel good. I feel that I’ve been very lucky. I feel like everything’s kind of fallen into place. Like, it was never the path I was going to follow. I studied acting and that was what I was going to do. But I was never quite sure if that’s what I wanted, and what I consider myself to be about.

Are you still interested in that?

Yeah I am, and I’m interested in music still. Because I’m a flautist. Randomly.

Yes I saw the music stand in your room.

But it just kind of happened. Like with photography. I was never like, “Oh, I’m going to be a photographer.” I just kind of picked up a camera and started shooting. Doing photos at parties, then doing photos at more parties, then just started getting random work. And I still just have my most basic camera that I first got.

Your photos are great.

Thankyou. Thankyou.

And you’ve done some great interviews. Got some big names on there.

Oh, I know. People who’ve inspired me. MUTT.
Yeah, it’s all fun. But I’m just reevaluating everything at the moment. What I really want to do.

If you were going to travel where would you want to go?

At the moment my plan is to go, in August… First to my parents place in Ko Samui for a while, then to London for a little bit, then to New York. And maybe be there for their fashion week. And I’m half American so I can live there I guess.

Do you have a passport?

Not yet. But I guess I can get one.

Yeah, you can get a hereditary passport…

Hereditary passports? Hahaha

Hahaha, yeah. I feel like New York would be the more daring move though. Everyone moves to London. Even though it would be amazing, but I think New York would be more challenging and different. I don’t know. You’d know more.

I love New York.

I’ve been to both, but I feel like in London it would be easier to settle down, make friends that I’ve already known straight away. And I want to do something more outrageous. In New York I don’t really know many people.

So it would be like starting out fresh.

More of a challenge. Yeah. But who knows. Either way I just want to travel this year. Not with family, but with friends. Or with myself.

What are you doing for Easter?

Easter… um… Just going to Palm Beach to have lunch with my mum and family.

Lots of chocolate?

I guess so. I’ve already started eating my chocolate. My grandma gave me some and I found it in my bag yesterday and started eating it.

Do you know what an Easter Bilby is?

I do.

Apparently they do chocolate bilbies here instead of rabbits.

We were so confused about the bunny the other day. Like, where does the bunny get the eggs from?

And why is it a bunny?

And it’s not really an egg if it’s a bunny.

Like an ovary egg…

But people still call the bunnies easter eggs. But it’s not an egg. It’s a rabbit.

But you can still get eggs.

Yeah you can get eggs, and you call them eggs because they’re eggs. But the bunnies aren’t eggs and you call them eggs.

I don’t call them eggs.

Hmm, well that’s the difference between you and me, isn’t it. Why don’t you go back to New York then?

What part do you eat first?

I don’t really like chocolate that much. Sometimes I get cravings for it, like yesterday, and I’ll just eat it.

But if you just picked up a bunny right now, what would you bite into?

Probably the ears.

The one that’s straight up or the one that’s bent.

But they’re not bent. They’re bent on the wrapper, but then it’s just an illusion. Behind it they’re all the same.

How deceiving!

V. deceiving. I don’t know. I do what I feel like. Silly billy.

Milk or dark chocolate? Or white chocolate?

Milk. Milk if I’m drinking hot chocolate. Or for melted chocolate. White probably if I’m eating and egg. Or a bunny. Never dark. Not into dark.

Have you ever seen those strawberry ones? Pink?

Yeah… Not into it really. Not into jaffas either. Orange chocolate? Terrible. What else? I’m enjoying this.

What do you feel defines you as a person?

Oh god.

In three words.

Oh god!

But, like, is it what you do, your friends, where you’ve been…

I don’t think I’m defined by what I do. I don’t know, that’s a really hard question. Uh… A. Nice. Person.

Nice? Do you think that’s a good word? I only ever call someone nice if I can’t think of something good to say about them.

Well I always pride myself on being just… Nice. I think I’m a genuine person.

You are very nice. But there’s so much more to you than that.

I guess nice is a very swell, overall word.

I don’t know. I guess when I first moved to Sydney and I was just sucked in by all the different people and I met some really amazing people, but I met some really toxic people as well. But I always was myself, and didn’t try to fit in or change myself for anyone… I don’t know… I don’t know! Ah! Turn it off! Hahaha.
Ok. Ask me about my childhood or something.

What’s your first childhood memory? Ever.

Oh god. I cannot remember much of my childhood. Really.

Then why did you tell us to ask you about it??

I thought it would be more generalised! Like: Where did you grow up?

Ok, so where did you grow up?

I was born in Sydney. My parents got divorced early. And then I lived between Mossman and Mitchell Bay and Woolahra. And we moved around a lot between my mum and my dad. And then my dad moved to Queensland and I moved to the country with my mum. To Armadale, where I lived till I was 18. Then I moved to Sydney for three months and I hated it. My dad was in Dubai then, so I moved to Dubai. Lived there for a year or so. Then I travelled around with them. Then I moved here. Two… two or three years ago.

And liked it that time.


Why didn’t you like it the first time?

It was really daunting. I think because I was a small town boy, I just got really overwhelmed by the city. I didn’t know many people. And Dubai was a nice place to go to and I had my family there and kind of got used to the whole city vibe. So then I came back here and the next time round it was much better.

Can you ride a horse?

No. Well I have. But I’m scared of horses now.


I got kicked by a horse. In India. In Calcutta.

When you were on your Mother Theresa kick?

Yeah. I went to India to work with the missionary charity. And then one day in the hotel we got stuck in the elevator and we dropped four floors. And that freaked me out. And then we went for a journey around Calcutta and I went to pat this horse and I got kicked and got this massive bruise. Oh, and then I got chased by this man with a monkey. He was saying I had to give him money. Because I looked at his monkey. All in one day.

Can you still feel what it was like when it dropped?

That freaked me out so much. There were ten people in the elevator, all being really stupid. They were all jumping and trying to stop the elevator. And I get really claustrophobic. Then it dropped and all this dust started coming in and I was like, shaking. It was awful. And then someone came and opened the doors and we were just below the main level of the hotel. So we had to climb up and crawl out.

What do you think makes a beautiful photograph?

Um… I think it’s really subjective. Like any kind of art. I mean, I mainly do social photography. Most other social photographers try to make everyone look really glamorous. Like, Hollywood celebrities. Which is really beautiful and amazing in its own right. And then a lot of photographers like to capture the art of a party, which is really nice as well. And they do really conceptual things. I like to try and capture the ugliness – the reality of the trashyness of the party. Which is also beautiful in its own right. But in general… I like all different types of photography. I love beautiful portraiture. And I like landscapes. I would never do something like that but I can appreciate it. I think you just like what you like. Just go with it.
I’m really bad though, I was like this with my art, and with my acting, and with my music… I just don’t get really inspired. Which is really annoying. I’m not one of those artists who is always inspired by something. I kind of just… do it. I just do what I like and it happens organically.

Ok. Last question. Can you tell us a secret?

Um… a secret…

You can just say no. That can be your answer.

I just don’t have any… ok…



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  1. Outstanding post! great advice, will take on board!

  2. i loved that guys!
    you made me seem interesting!!!

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