“hmmm, i think there’s some form of me in there…”

Part I
(Portions unincluded due to technical failure.)

It’s Spanish. They contacted her because she is Spanish.

Oh, okay. But she’s based in London though?

Yeah. But they were looking for people, fine artists…

From Spain?

Yeah. In London.

Part II

So what do you do?

I study product design at Central Saint Martin’s.

And what’s your favourite part about your job?

Ooh…its probably uh finding small little problems in every day life and interviewing people. Noticing small things then solving the entire design upon it.

Do you find its easy to, you know when you get feedback from your client, do find its easy most of the time to incorporate that feedback or is there a bit of tension sometimes?

Well, the client normally has an idea of what fits into their company. So, and them sometimes their idea of their company is not your idea of their company, therefore sometimes it can be a little bit tricky. But normally you definitely take in what the clients say, but you still try to keep your initial creative ideas. I guess its kind of a match between the two.

I guess that’s kind of difficult. But with product design, what kind of products? Is it EVERYTHING or is there a particular niche product that you design for?

Well, basically, pretty much everything. I mean right now I’m designing a desk for [ ]. But I mean in the past I’ve designed candle holders, very simple. Plastic candle holders, actually. Mobile phones to waterbottles. Pretty much everything. And then obviously if you want to you can specialize.

What do you appreciate more, the visual aspects of an object or functionality?



Definitely. Definitely functionality. The product is sometimes [all about] the visual aspect of it, but I like more the functional aspect of it. And then I think that if an object is well designed to its function, normally it turns out BEAUTIFUL. Its difficult to explain but, I like when you can see how things are made. And how things are stuck together. So normally I try to avoid using very complicated processes. I try to do it very simple.

Yeah, I heard once that you know its a good design not when there is nothing more to add, but nothing further to take away. Do you agree with that?

I do. If you’ve got a good design you can just feel it there. You can’t do it any other way. You’re using just the right amount of materials. And, you know, exactly.

Shit my phone’s cut out… there’s only 3 minutes of recording time on this thing. Its really old.

I used to have one of those. They’re really well made.

Its pretty hardy. I drop it all the time, doesn’t break.

They don’t make things like that any more. Three months now, and you have to buy a new one. Because they don’t make things to last anymore. They build them because they know in three months you’re contract’s gonna give you a new one.

Its true. Everything is about consumerism.


If you could invent anything, what would you invent?

If I could invent anything, I would like actually to…hmmm, this is a little bit cheesy, but! I was talking about the whole RCA thing, what they have. I think they have three months where they go down and they do missions for people in African countries. They do specific research on how to…you know, life! Basic life needs. And then one of the things, I’m not sure if it was them, but one of the things a designer invented down there, cause they had, you know, a water shortages right? So he invented this play thing, for children! That they could run around, you know like a wheel that they push. And while they were playing on it, they were pushing it around, it was pumping water up. So it acted as a well!

Oh wow!

Yeah exactly, you know. They were having problems transporting water from the lake up to another part so what they did is this design. That would be nice to invent. Because, everybody….of course it would be nice to invent a nice lamp or a nice table, but I’d like to make something that makes a real difference in the world.

And if you could use one word to describe what you feel is the best aspect of design in general, what would you use?

Er, one word…I think just maybe two words: enhancing life-quality, maybe?


Not just for third world countries but just in general.

Last question, if you could be a colour what would you be?

Uh….If I could be a colour what colour would I be? Man, I don’t know.

First colour that came to mind.

White. I don’t know why white. Maybe its because I’m surrounded by white things.

Well you know white is actually every colour all together on the prism. So…

Oh yeah, right.


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