Part I

Would you get work here if you could though?

Yeah I would though. I dunno, Sydney’s kind of different. London seems so, kind of familiar.

How long have you been here now though?

Nearly a month. But I grew up here as well, so it feels very kind of homey, though its kind of changed since I was last here, so.

You’ve only got a week here left though, no? What are you going to do in that time?

Well on Tuesday I’m leaving, so before then I’m gonna go down to the V&A.


I did that once and they had a really good exhibition about decode and about the visualisation.

The best thing is that its free.

Yeah yeah.

But alot of the little exhibitions aren’t, are they? What do you do again, I forgot? What do you do for a living?

Software engineering.

Do you like it?

Yeah, I love it! I feel really lucky.

Part II

And your favourite computer game? What would that be?


What’s that?

Ah! Its a game where you run around shooting zombies and things…very alien inspired. Well you run around with a gun most of the time. Yeah, its cool. There’s a dance rock track which you can play along to it as well. When I was a child I could walk on the ceiling.

Oh, yeah. Do you like Sci Fi?

Yeah, big fan.

What’s your favourite Sci Fi film?

Favourite Sci Fi film….ohh, yeah, Donnie Darko is sort of Sci Fi but Starship troopers too. Spaceships flying everywhere, a bit of gore.

On another note, what is your epitomy of a woman?

Epitomy? They are, oh, everything. Hmmm. Oh god.

First thing that comes to mind.

Legs, bum…sense of humour, yeah…for sure. But someone you can talk to. I guess that’s everyone…

Any preference on hair colour?

Yeah, brunette.

Brunette? Nice. Nice. Do you mind the way women dress or do you feel like there’s a kind of dress code you prefer rather than maybe like…

I’m pretty open minded. I don’t really look at the clothes, actually. No, no, totally not picky. I think its just people having fun. I think girls can be very bitchy about other girls wearing things.

Do you find yourself self conscious about your own sense of dress?

Oh, for sure, yeah yeah. I feel like a total bum actually. Been on the road for a while and my clothing has become more practical than fashionable. Unfortunately, yeah. Everyone looks so smart here so I feel a bit.

I think you can get away with it. And we always do a last question so, final question. If the world was getting taken over by zombies, what would be the first thing you did?

Zombie plan! Ohhhh, ummm, sharp objects and beer rations?

What would your last words be?

Its been a good run.


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