“stop biting your nails.” “i wash my hands regularly.”

Part I

What are you doing?

You wanna hear? I’m making music. (plays music) Not very good speakers but I’ll show you. Its like a drum beat. Its a bit that goes under the rhythm.


Its just a drum beat that keeps the songs together. Still in progress obviously.

Its really good. Can you make money off of it?

Off music? Yeah sure. But I haven’t really gotten to that point yet. Maybe in the future.

Can you do both? Graphic design and music, do you prefer one?

I like music but it has to be a hobby. Its not like a career job unless you’re 100 percent dedicated. I like design. I like the fact that its a different thinking to music. Music has always been a hobby so I’ve just kept it.

How did you get into music anyway?

I played trumpet from when I was like ten.

At school?

Yeah Mum and Dad forced me to play an instrument. Took me like ten years. It took me ten years of playing to realise I actually enjoyed it. I hated it for that long.

Part II

How do you feel about what you do?

About what, what I’m doing at the moment?

It can be anything. About your job. About smoking that cigarette…

I’m happy but I feel lazy. I’m not actually working.

You are being very productive during the days though.

Yeah but I need to make money. I’m just spending my savings. I think I need to find a balance between work and hobbies and social life.

But you like both of the career avenues, music and graphic design, so you might be able to fuse both parts of your work…

If it takes off. If people like what I make that could lead to a label, make money, let me do design…etc.

One more question. Would you ever consider strip tease?

Yes. For the right person.

Would you do the stripping or be the stripee?

I’d do both, hopefully.
Hopefully its a situation where it allows both people a chance to strip.

Would you ever have a zombie strip?

If it was chained up.

No it wouldn’t be chained up. It would turn into a bloody massacre.


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