“i’m going to sue you.” “you don’t have a lawyer.” “i have an accountant though…”

Part I

So, you don’t feel that you’d miss anything?

It sounds really tragic.

Do you think its circumstantial?


Do you want to think that you’d miss things?

Yeah, I’d like to miss something.

What kind of things?


So if you left everything you know now, would you miss it at all?

I don’t know. I mean when I was in New York I missed friends, but–

Could you live without them?


Happily, though?

I say that now, but I don’t know. It sounds horrible.

But would you be happy just to go out and make new friends without having anyone else to compare them to?

I just don’t feel attached to anything.

No, when I was away I definitely appreciated my friends alot. It was only because my friends were really supportive and they cared alot.

Do you believe that your friends would miss you?


But besides friends, what else do believe is a thing you have a capacity to miss? Places?

I don’t feel like I miss places.

Part II

No I don’t want a big one. Lanterns are nice though.

What do you want to achieve this year?

Achieve? You mean like, where I want to be photography wise, or?


Its too big a question. Its hard to answer. Can you be a bit more specific?

Well, a year’s a year. Its not that long.

I know but in what? You must be more specific. My career?

Well whatever means most to you.

You know I’m quite career minded. Shooting editorials. Mid 2010. I’m just thinking, good magazines, good editorials.

If you managed to do that this year, would you consider the year a success?

No, I’d always want more.

So no matter how much you managed to do–?

It depends what you mean by success. Success is what you feel when you’ve achieved everything. Its the most basic thing in photography being able to see better. You can always see better.

What do you want to see this year?

In what? What do you mean?

Happen to you. Other than career.

Hmmm, I find that hard to answer.

Is there anything you feel hasn’t happened to you, that you would like to experience?

That I want to see? Well…
Its really hard to answer. I don’t know.
Probably I wanna feel less– I wanna feel less. Feeling is quite tiring.


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